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Fatih Tutak
The House on Sathorn - Bangkok - Thailand

Fatih Tutak

Fatih Tutak

Chef Fatih Tutak was born 1985 and raise in Istanbul, where at a young age his culinary interest was inspired by his mother’s home cooking. This interest became passion and developed into the dream of becoming a chef. He joined Turkey’s culinary school at Bolu Mengen. After his apprenticeship with Paul Pairet in Istanbul and working in some of the top establishments in Turkey’s luxury hotel and restaurant industry, Chef Fatih had the opportunity move abroad, with stop-overs in Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Denmark and Hong Kong. Chef Fatih comes to The House on Sathorn after creating a unique dining experience at The Bellbrook Hong Kong, recognized by Hong Kong-Macau Michelin Guide 2015. His other stints include the world-renowned restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen with Rene Redzepi and 3 Michelin star Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo with Seiji Yamamoto. He has also previously been in charge at the exciting Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Combining the finest, seasonal ingredients from across Asia, each of Chef Fatih’s dishes is inspired by his globetrotting experiences. Chef Fatih craftily curates his Asian Inspired Artisanal Cuisine with perfect balance of technique, culinary sensibility and a sense of humor.


  • Hay Smoked Butter
  • Potato Confit
  • Cured Egg
  • Truffle Caviar
  • Black Truffle Sauce


 Method: Put all the ingredients in vacuum bag at cook in water bath at 65°C for 3 hours then strain it.



Method: Put potato in steamer at 95°C for 15 min then peel and slice potato into 1.5 mm size after that put potato in vacuum bag with hay butter and sous-vide at 65C for 5 min



Method: Blend salt and sugar together until it turns to powder then add a half of salt mixture in tray and put duck yolk on the surface of salt mixture, then sprinkle another half of salt mixture until it cover the yolk. Keep the try in a chiller for 24 hrs then rinse the yolk with water, pat dry



Method: Combine and boil chicken stock, mushroom stock and squid ink together then chop black truffle and add it into stock mixture and simmer for 15 min. Add the mixture in thermal blender then blend with full speed and add cube of butter, add apple cider, truffle oil, truffle salt and black pepper into the mixture and blend it until it has a smooth texture





Method: Mix the Algin with 1/3 of the truffle juice. Shred in a blender to obtain an even mixture without lumps.

Mix with the remaining 2/3, strain and keep at room temperature for 30 min. Dissolve the Calcic in the water with a beater.

Put the mixture in a container that allows for a height of about 5 cm. Fill 4 syringes with the truffle caviar mixture. Drip into the water and Calcic mix. Leave to cook for 2 min. Strain and wash the truffle caviar obtained in cold water, strain off the excess water add truffle oil keep in air tight glass jar



300 g Unsalted clarified Butter

15 g Dried Hay

2 pcs Garlic



20 pcs grenaille potato (35g per 1PCS)

100 g Hay Butter


10 pcs duck egg yolk

1000 g sea salt

200 g caster sugar



chicken stock 400 g

mushroom stock 300 g

squid ink 15 g

plantin black truffle 140 g

unsalted butter 50 g

apple cider 13 g

plantin white truffle oil 4 g

plantin truffle salt 0.9 g

black pepper 0.5 g



plantin black truffle juice 250g

plantin black truffle oil 5g

sodium alginate 2.5g

calcium chloride 6.5g

cold water 1000g

Number of guests: 10

Preparation: 120 min

Cooking time: 10 min



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