Maison Plantin and its expertise, a measure of quality

Expertise, the result of experience

Thanks to its 89 years of experience, PLANTIN has a thorough knowledge of the gastronomy business.
Today, this knowledge imbues it with a level of discernment and product knowledge which gives PLANTIN its reputation with top-flight restaurant professionals but also with the processing industry.

More than half our sales turnover is from exports sold in North America, right across Europe and as far as Asia.

Our customer base began with the world’s greatest Chefs, but now our diversified ranges have extended our appeal across all the other segments of the market too : 

- Gourmet food shops, delicatessens, wine cellars and wine producers

- The food and catering industry using the finest raw materials

- Distributors selling the finest products to the eating-out industry

- The most renowned gourmet restaurants across France and worldwide 
Expertise, the result of experience

Discernment in the service of excellence

PLANTIN offers the fruit of its skills and jeweller-like expertise for sale in four prestige ranges :

- Fresh truffles pure & simple : Tuber melanosporum, Tuber magnatum, Tuber aestivum, Tuber uncinatum...

- Truffles all year round, thanks to our heat sterilising and deep freeze expertise, so you can enjoy our superlative gems at any time of the year

- Dried mushrooms with distinction : morels, porcini, black trumpets, not forgetting our mushroom mixes...

- Truffled delights and seasoning ; a range of taste-packed spreads, sweet and savoury delights and seasonings to accompany special dishes and gourmet meals

For extra special gifts, PLANTIN’s prestige gift boxes focus on the very best in all four ranges.

With more than 200 different products, PLANTIN offers a choice of extremely high quality products with a very demanding standard at all levels :
  • a careful selection of truffles and mushrooms
  • a selection of mainly local suppliers
  • a continuous market watch
  • experts buyers
  • a rigorous quality department
  • no seasonality thanks to our presence in the southern hemisphere
  • total traceability

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Discernment in the service of excellence

People in the heart of the business

From the point truffles are selected through to their distribution, Maison Plantin establishes close ties not only with its customers, but also with its suppliers and employees, loyal for many years. Very attentive to customer satisfaction, Maison Plantin's priority is to get to know its customers and listen to them, so that it can serve them even better.
This company with a human dimension does everything it can to ensure customer satisfaction, offer advice on choosing truffles, comply with customers' wishes and provide them with what they want.

People in the heart of the business

Customisation, a sense of customer service

With a strong presence, both in France and abroad, Maison Plantin stands out for its custom service to customers. If you have a requirement as to the size, colour, origin, flavour, delivery and packing? Maison Plantin can meet any specification.
Adaptability, particularly for the restaurant trade, and responsiveness to the requirements of industrial food processors; these are two major commitments.

A flexibility and responsiveness that can also be found with regard to deliveries.

Customisation, a sense of customer service