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Our quality commitments

The preparation

Packages are carefully prepared and shipped within 72 hours. Each product is packaged to ensure maximum protection during delivery.

The transport

The parcels are handed over to the various transporters each day in order to be delivered to you as quickly as possible, and in the respect of the conservation conditions.

The customer service

Before, during or after your purchase our customer service is available to answer all your questions via chat, phone or email

Deep knowledge of truffles

In our facilities in the village of Puyméras, in south-eastern France, we work with the natural wonder that is the truffle. Throughout the year, all kinds of truffles in all sorts of forms pass through the hands of our Truffle Masters: fresh truffles, preserved truffles, black truffles, Alba white truffles, summer truffles, autumn truffles, whole truffles, ones that are perfectly round, in pieces, shavings, breakings, and in their natural juice.

Our Truffle Masters, Eric and Ella, work with truffles day in and day out. They sort them, select the best ones, and prepare our customers’ orders.
For us, an order is a special request: it’s about getting just the right size, the right shape, the right maturity; it’s about meeting a specific need.
At our facilities, we receive harvests from our truffle farmers. We examine the truffles and weigh them.
The truffles received are then washed in a machine (“brushed” is the technical term) to remove all the dirt.

Next, they’re passed to the expert hands of our Truffle Masters, who sort them according to different characteristics.
The truffles are then sorted a second time according to requests from our customers, size, shape, etc.

Fresh truffles for every craving

We mostly work with fresh truffles, the most well-known being, of course, the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum).
However, that’s not the only truffle variety we work with. Indeed, all year long, as the seasons change, different truffles come in: Burgundy truffle starting in September, Alba white truffle in October, black truffle in mid-November, and summer truffle starting in May.

Each variety has its own particular flavours and aromas: the black truffle is stronger and more flavourful, while the summer truffle and Burgundy truffle are lighter on the tongue, with a mushroom taste. The Alba white truffle is totally unique, with a pronounced flavour of fresh garlic, shallot, or cheese.

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