Burgundy truffles

Truffe de Bourgogne fraîche 50g | PLANTIN - L'art de la truffe
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Burgundy Truffle Quintessence - 30g
Burgundy Truffle Quintessence - 90g Burgundy Truffle Quintessence - 90g
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The Burgundy truffle, a truffle fit for a king

The Burgundy truffle, whose scientific name is Tuber uncinatum, is also known as the autumn truffle or Champagne truffle. It is harvested in France, elsewhere in Western Europe, and in certain countries of Eastern Europe. Less finicky than some other truffle varieties, the Burgundy truffle thrives in many types of soil, as long as they’re rich in lime. It grows under many types of trees, including pines, hornbeams, hazels, and beeches.

Burgundy, home to uncinatum

Burgundy truffles were the very first truffles to be served at the table of the French king, where it earned its prestige. From the mid-18th century to the mid-19th century, it became very popular and was highly sought-after in a number of places, notably in Burgundy, a region where Tuber uncinatum thrives.
Later, as the famous “black diamond,” Tuber melanosporum, rose to prominence, the Burgundy truffle was overshadowed and lost the interest of high society.

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