Summer truffles

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The summer truffle, often mistakenly called the "white summer truffle" because of its white flesh, has nothing to do with the white truffle. The light notes of the taste and aroma of the summer truffle are perfect for summer gourmet cuisine. This crisp truffle likes to make sure it's on everyone's table at the first signs of summer; it can be grated on a salad or on aperitif toasts, topped with a dash of olive oil.

The summer truffle also known as "Truffe de la Saint-Jean" is harvested in France, but also in Spain and Italy.

Generally larger and firmer than the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), its skin is similar to that of black truffles, but its flesh remains very light. White at the beginning of the season to turn brown at the end of the season, it has a slight nutty flavour and a fine and light smell of mushroom and undergrowth.
Harvesting season : April to August


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Serving suggestion

The summer truffle is best when used in the simpliest way, sliced fresh in a salad, sprinkled with olive oil and coarse salt. It is better to avoid heating it so it keeps the most of its aroma.


100% Tuber aestivum summer truffle.


These fresh truffles have been carefully washed and are ready to use. They will stay fresh for about one week if refrigerated.

Gently remove them from the sachet and place them in an airtight container lined with absorbent paper towel (change every 2 days).

The right quantity

(Per person)

Tasting: 15 to 20 g

To try: 7 to 10 g

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